Rod Holder & Rail Mount

Comes with mounting hardware

Our large bait boards are unique because they are built with a rib core which provides a rigid and stable surface. The board fits firmly into rod holder mounts but can be easily removed for cleaning or storage.

Full width recess with three compartments for your accessories. Handy ruler moulded into the surface to quickly check your catch size.

Twin shaft construction gives great stability and allows the rail mount clamps to be adjusted in width from 285mm to 580mm to suit your boat.

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  • Large Bait Cutting Board made of extremely strong polypropylene, tough against cuts and UV deterioration.
  • Tackle,  bait or knife compartments at top and bottom of board.
  • Mounts are adjustable to suit different mounting widths.
  • Drain hole.
  • Rod holders can be fitted to the sides of the bait boards.
  • Both rail mount and rod holder mount comes with mounting hardware

Sizes & Measurements

700mm x 420mmBait board small rod holder mount
700mm x 420mmBait board small rail mount (Suits 25mm Rails)



Your board will be out in the full blast of the elements even if you have taken shelter, so it’s been built to be tough. We use top quality high density polypropylene, which has superior resistance to UV deterioration and tough against cuts.

Which style or size?

We manufacture a range of bait boards so you can choose which is the right bait board for your boat. Choose from the Rod Holder Mount range or the Rail Mount range in the handy 460x375mm or our Extra-Large 700x420mm bait board. All our boards give you a great stable surface to work on, and if one is not enough when everybody is wants to bait up at the same time, fit two. It’s easy with our mounting system and afterwards  boards can be simply removed and stowed.


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Rod Holder & Rail Mount”

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