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Asymmetric Split Shaft
Kayak Paddle -Blue

Paddle length 2170mm

Professional asymmetric kayak paddle with 3 position split shaft 60 ̊right/left –centre. Well balanced tough paddle, weighs only 1155g.

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  • Kayak Paddle made of glass fibre reinforced polypropylene blades.
  • Drip rings, sealed blades & shaft.
  • Bright dipped alloy shaft ∅29mm.
  • Grip Indicators.
  • Asymmetric slightly spooned blades.
  • Weight 1155g.
  • 3 position Split Shaft 60° Right / Left – Centre
  • Available in 3 colours.
  • Sold singly.

Additional information

Weight2 kg


We wanted to design a paddle that was lightweight but we didn’t want to compromise on quality that’s why we decided to use glass fibre reinforced polypropylene for the blades. It has a long life span and doesn’t fade it will stand up to years of use. We also decided to use bright dipped alloy for the shaft because it is strong and has that professional look and performs brilliantly in salt or sweet water conditions.

How to choose the right paddle

It’s important to choose a paddle that is well balanced and easy to use, that’s why we have designed our paddles to be extremely tough but lightweight. Our paddle weighs in at only 1155g so you can paddle all day without tiring. The perfect paddle that is economical but has all the features you’d expect in a more expensive paddle. Good size rubberized drip rings, grip indicators and multi off-set options with our 3 position split shaft 60˚ right/left –centre, which also allows you to take the paddle apart for transportation or easy storage.

2 reviews for Asymmetric Kayak Paddle – Blue

  1. nevilpearm

    Great service and even better price. Can’t Recommend enough.

  2. impuret

    Great split shaft paddle. Super quick post out.

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