2 x Premium Adjustable Aluminium
Telescopic Paddles

Length 750mm – 1200mm

Tested for over ten years in the harsh Australian environment. 2 part telescopic paddle, features smooth palm grip handle. Ideal for Jet Ski and small boats where there is not much space to stow.

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  • Telescopic Paddle easy twist telescopic locking system length 750mm – 1200mm.
  • Bright dipped alloy shaft.
  • Polypropylene black blade.
  • 2 part 750mm to 1200mm length.
  • Resistant to mildew and UV damage.
  • Sold as a pair.

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We have designed a paddle that is versatile and robust made from only the best materials. Tough polypropylene has been used for the blades and the shaft from bright dipped alloy which is perfect in marine or fresh water environments.

How to choose the right paddle

It’s important to choose a paddle that is will suit your needs, that’s why we have designed a large range of different paddles. The telescopic paddle is an excellent choice for that piece of equipment you need to have but don’t have a lot of room to stow. Good size blade is teamed with a shaft that extends up to 1200mm, topped off with a smooth palm grip handle. Retracted length is 750mm. A very handy versatile paddle.


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